strong */*/*/

strong */*/*/
UK [strɒŋ] / US [strɔŋ] adjective
Word forms "strong":
adjective strong comparative stronger superlative strongest
1) physically powerful and healthy

Are you strong enough to carry that heavy box?

strong hands/arms/muscles

2) produced with or using a lot of power or force

a singer with a strong voice

a strong punch/kick/blow

3) not easily broken, damaged, or destroyed

a strong fabric/adhesive/rope

4) strong relationships are close and firmly established

a strong friendship/marriage/partnership

5) someone who is strong has confidence, determination, and emotional strength

You've got to be strong and not let their remarks bother you.

6) good at doing or understanding something

She's a strong swimmer.

a) of a good standard, and likely to succeed

They have a very strong hockey team this year.

b) used about things that you are good at

What are his strong and weak points (= the things he is best and worst at)?

7) firmly believed, or firmly felt

I have particularly strong views on that subject.

I have a strong feeling she's not coming back.

8) based on reason and supported by facts

The government gave a strong argument in favour of increasing tuition fees.

9) of a high degree or level

There's a strong possibility that they'll marry in the spring.

10) able to produce a powerful effect

strong medicine

a strong smell/taste

I had to use strong language (= words that shock people), but I think it worked.

11) with a lot of power and influence

a strong leader/president

12) moving at a high speed

a strong wind/current

13) with good defences

a strong fortress/army

14) strong light or strong colours are very bright
15) clear and noticeable

He speaks French with a strong British accent.

She has very strong features (= you are likely to notice and admire her eyes, nose, and mouth).

a) great in number

There was a strong police presence (= a lot of police officers) at the demonstration.

b) used with a number to say how many people are in a group

The crowd was 10,000 strong.

(as) strong as an ox — someone who is as strong as an ox has a lot of physical strength

strong nerves/stomach — the ability to deal with difficult or unpleasant situations

You'll need strong nerves to deal with the prosecuting lawyer.

Hospital casualty personnel must have strong stomachs.

English dictionary. 2014.

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